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October 28, 2001 (Sunday) - Bread and Tulips

        I am attempting to begin this online journal today. I have added all the components, a IPAQ computer, a beam me up Scotty FTP program, and believe it will be possible to FTP this site daily from wherever I am. At least it is worth a try, right!
Lots of people know me from my Thomas Merton site and my How to Develop A Spiritual Journal. Those are only a couple of the sites of mine on the web. The entire list is found in the sitemap and includes several travel books and an assortment of other oddities.
        I have just finished my Alaskan Adventures and Other Stories and placed it on the web. It includes a journal my wife Dan tourist in JuneauJanet and I made to Alaska in August of 2001. It was a wonderful time and a nice vacation for us. One of the highlights was sitting with Vernl Matteson and his family. He was a minister from Wisconsin and we ate with his family each night and share the daily adventures we had. They were a real blessing for the trip. Religiously, I saw several churches in Juneau and Sitka and went in several of them and said a prayer. I am sort of like "Wulfstan of Worchester" who could never pass up a church and always went inside to pray.
        Yesterday, J and I went to see the movie "Bread and Tulips," an Italian farce with english subtitles. We really enjoyed it. It was about a woman whose family just expected her to be a housekeeper and that was all. So she took a vacation, found some people who respected and loved her, and arranged flowers in a flower shop. A neat story!
        Yes, the movies in my life. Last week I realized I am not like most men. I don't hunt, I don't go to many ballgames althought I enjoy watching them, and instead spend my time with more mundane things like amateur radio, reading, watching movies, and working on webpages. The movies viewing I owe to Dr. Charles McGlon who was a professor of mine at seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, in the early 70's. I had a movie course under him and began to realize the importance of movies. Since then, I have been hooked. All his fault for teaching me about the "religiousity" of movies and their importance. He didn't live long after I left. In fact he was taking over 20 pills a day while I was there. His heart was failing, but his real "heart for movies" he shared with us."
        Yesterday morning I also saw "Babbett's Feast", another exceptional religious movie with the theme "anything is possible." Worth seeing! Well this is the beginning of this journal. We will see how it goes. (3:15 p.m.) I can't seem to get started this afternoon. J and I went to church this morning and ate some stir fry Chinese meal at home. We rested but couldn't sleep and didn't feel like doing anything else. I watched a couple of football games and read some from Merton's journals.