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"The sound in your mind

is the first sound

that you could sing"

Jack Kerouac - Mexico City Blues

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dare ye enter the nightmare of his mind?


picture of jack kerouac


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the cult of kerouac - diane de rooy
forty years on the road 1957-1997

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"Over the Oakland Bay Bridge I slept soundly for the first time since Denver; so that I was rudely jolted in the bus station at Market and Fourth into the memory of the fact that I was three thousand two hundred miles from my aunt's house in Paterson, New Jersey. I wandered out like a haggard ghost, and there she was, Frisco - long, bleak streets with trolley wires all shrouded in fog and whiteness. "

On the Road

This webpage is presented by Dan K. Phillips, editor of the Web Surfer Travel Journal and the author of the internet travel book "Four Corners - A Literary Excursion Across America." In his story, San Francisco-The Poet, he explores the literary scene around San Francisco, as well as describes his visit to City Lights book store where he has an epiphany about Jack Kerouac.

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