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Résumé of Dan Kenneth Phillips - Management Internet Development

Contact Information

Dan Kenneth Phillips
109 Breckenridge Road
Franklin, Tennessee 37067
Telephone: 615-790-7129
E-mail: dphillip@edge.net
WWW Homepage: Dan's Place

Career Summary

Experienced communications specialist, innovative in design of new multimedia materials including world wide web design, effective manager and administrator, adaptive to new technological developments for business and education purposes, developer of innovative teaching and training approaches using new multimedia techniques, proficient in areas of convergent technologies, and developer of new products that produce results and increase sales.


DP& ASSOCIATES - Franklin, TN. 1995-present

Principal Consultant - Internet Access

Developed HTML programs for clients and developed marketing plans for several local companies. Clients include: Vanderbilt University, Historical Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, Bart Durham Attorneys, The Business Source, World Wide Network Services, and others.

Designed Internet world wide web pages for individuals and local companies.

Ideal job description: "Manages internet website projects, including design, content organization, client relationships, writing and working with a team of artist and programmers. Experience in project and client management, graphic design and layout, with a working knowledge of multimedia, internet technologies, and video production. Involved as manager of sales for local ISP."

Editor and online publisher of the e-zine magazine The Web Surfer Travel Journal. This web site has been chosen by Net Guide as one of the top web sites in the country and has received a gold award. ( See http://edge.net/~dphillip )

Author of Internet travel book Four Corners. This site has been chosen by Lycos as one of the Top 5% web sites. ( http://edge.net/~dphillip/fourcorners.html )

Experience with Internet access, ISDN, TCP/IP, Java, Gopher, and WWW. Operates numerous computer programs including Word Perfect, Quark Express, and several others. Uses both MAC and PC computers.

BAPTIST SUNDAY SCHOOL BOARD - Nashville, TN. 1981-1995

Editor (1994-1995)

Experienced editor, innovative in design of new materials, adaptive to new technological developments, and developer of new products that produce results and increase sales.

Editor of 3 quarterly curriculum magazines with yearly sales of over $1.5 million dollars.

Excellent graphics designer. Excellent interface with customers in designing their products for maximum effectiveness.

As a writer, publications have been printed in over two dozen periodicals, literary journals, newspapers, and books.

Online Computer Editor (1992-1993)

Provided weekly updated training materials for ten thousand adult educators using the CompuServe computer network, resulting in significantly improved lesson preparation for these educators.

Educational Technology Consultant (1991-1992)

Experienced educator, adaptive to new technological developments for education purposes, and developer of novel teaching approaches using new multimedia techniques.

Develops effective education programs dependent upon needs analysis and training objectives of the organization.

Proven abilities in multimedia training development, experienced video producer of training materials, produces written materials that simplify and enlighten, and communicates directly and to the point to trainees.

Developed curriculum and program models for adult teachers nationwide, spent over 1500 hours in classroom settings as a teacher, led conferences at conference centers, universities, and other locations in 23 states and Canada.

Video Producer (1989-1991)

Experienced video producer and developer of novel training approaches using new multimedia techniques.

Produced over 150 educational videos.This included writing scripts, hiring on camera personnel, administering time line schedules for production, review of final products, produced and wrote advertising copy for products, and was involved in all phases to make the product a success. By providing these video products, thousands of teachers were trained in remote sites.

Produced video products to enhance learning for educators located throughout the United States.

Telecommunications Consultant (1981-1988)

Developed international satellite network viewable at over 1600 downlink locations. Responsible for engineering coordination and in marketing development.

Developed and planned numerous live teleconferences. Provided engineering coordination between remote locations. Co-ordinated downlink interface sites. Wrote, produced, and provided curriculum materials to be used at teleconference locations.

Featured speaker at the International Electronic Imaging and Exposition Conference in Boston in 1987. Topic: Satellite Network Programming on Educational Television for Private Satellite Networks.

Determined time lines for engineering development.

Developed schedules for project completion.

Enlisted vendors and contract personnel.

Reviewed processes daily and was continuously involved to complete schedules on time.

Negotiated and administered operational service contracts with vendors and service users.

Managed group efforts for maximum productivity and efficiency, earning respect for clear vision, good judgment and solid grasp of all aspects of the project.

Other: Communicator/Seminar Leader

Provided consultative services to customers. This included technical information, interfacing options, product information and how to use materials appropriately.

Have led conferences in 23 states and Canada. Conferences have included some of these topics:

Futuristic Trends Affecting Adults, Publishing on the Internet, How to Make Your Satellite Television System Operational,Time Management, and numerous other topics.

Excellent public speaker and communicator.


Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (Masters of Divinity)

Tennessee Technological University (B.S.in Electrical Engineering)

Personal Information

Contact Information

Dan Kenneth Phillips
109 Breckenridge Road
Franklin, Tennessee 37067
Telephone: 615-790-7129
E-mail: dphillip@edge.net
WWW Homepage: Dan's Place

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