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Travel journal of Dan's trip to Cape Cod to visit ERNIE "LEFTY" COOPER and other historic radio spots.

Alaskan Adventures and Other Stories

Travel journal of Dan's cruise through the inner passage of Alaska in 2001.

Web Surfer Travel Journal

Monthly travel journal with the latest in internet cyberjourneys, travelogues, travel updates, and new travel sites. A Net Guide Gold Award Winner, this site has been chosen one of the top 100 travel sites on the web.

Four Corners - A Literary Excursion Across America

Dan's Award Winning top 5% of web travel book. Includes stories about:

Traveling On The World Wide Web

An article written by Dan for AmericaEconomia Magazine in Santiago, Chile. It gives the history of travel writing on the internet.

Travel Journal

A travel journal related to continuing adventures of Dan Phillips. Updated irregularly!!


A visit to the headquarters of the Beat Generation in San Francisco.

Where the street is named after Jack Kerouac.

Ian Frazier - Author of Great Plains

Dan's visit to the photographer who took Ian Frazier's photograph for his best-selling book Great Plains leads to interesting new discoveries.

Theodore Roosevelt - The Rough Riders

A visit to the Rough Rider Museum in Las, Vegas, New Mexico, led to the discovery of the meanest cowboy who ever lived.


About Dan Kenneth Phillips

This gives a brief introduction and overview of the work of Dan Phillips.

Autobiography (Poetry)

This poem by poet Dan Phillips gives a poetic overview of his life.

Epilogue-A Definition of a Life

Autobiography of Dan Phillips using his own writings.

Resume of Dan K. Phillips

This resume gives a complete history of the work of Dan K. Phillips



Home Page of Dan K. Phillips

This homepage highlights this website.


By Roadtrip America

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Thomas Merton Site

This is the most viewed of all of Dan's websites, a site dedicated to the Trappist monk and poet, Thomas Merton.

Abbey of Gethsemani - A Pilgrimage

Story of a retreat to the Abbey of Gethsemani in Trappist, KY by Brother Dan K. Phillips. Worth a read for its spiritual significance in his life.

How to Develop A Spiritual Journal - The Spiritual Journal of Dan K. Phillips

This spiritual journal contains many of the spiritual insights received from Dan's religious faith.

MORE Thoughts in Solitude

This journal (updated irregularly) relates to Dan's continuing study of the Monk and Poet, Thomas Merton.

Spiritual Directions Workshops

This gives information about the retreats and workshops which Dan Phillips leads.

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Phone: 1-615-790-7129.

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