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Please Check Out the Web Surfer Travel Journal for SEPT 98



September 1-17, 1998

Online Magazine of Switzerland. Also includes Hawaii and Canada

Dan's Solitude Journal. Reference to Thomas Merton

August 4-31, 1998

Travel the Net. Joe Harkin's lovefest with travel.

South Florida Entertainment Resources. Florida's best events.

North America Resort Guide. Includes dude ranches, fishing, etc.

Santa Barbara Resort at Spanish Water in the Dutch Caribbean. Always a best bet.

National Lodging Directory. Need a place to stay?

Roger and Marilyn's Photo Tour of Tokyo, Japan. Nice.

Discover Malta.Via Carmen Chircop

May 11- May 25, 1998

Out of Bounds. This is a red letter site if ever there was one. Absolutely terrific! Jeff Johnson is our contact with four men traveling around the world on a 46 foot sailboat. WOW! This was also chosen as the Cool Site of the Day on May 1st. It got 3500 hits that day.

Landseer Online. The premier site for international business traveler. By James Alexis, President.

French Connections. Michael Shaw presents this site related to France.

Micasita. Marsha Gould is a writer and proprietor of this Mexican place to visit.

April 27- - May 11, 1998

Chasing Van Gogh. This is a beginning travelogue that will follow the biographical footsteps of Vincent Van Gogh. Keep in touch with this one. Real possibilities.

Realistic Travel Journeys. These are excellent travel links by R.E. Ausetkmt.

April 14- - April 27, 1998

Travel To Our World. Stefan and Marja Devogel's website..

Hotel Physicians. Submitted by Roland Gregory.

Vacation Ideas for Canadians. Submitted by Amalia Kartesonas.

Frontier Suites Airport Hotel Juneau Alaska. Submitted by Don Madsen.

Steamer Trunk Merchants. Submitted by Sandra Bertrand.

Arkansas. By Nancy

March 29 - April 13, 1998

Mongolia. This tells about David Kessell's new book about a trip of his to Mongolia.

Great Escapes. Guy Brooks guide to fabulous places. Weird travel.

March 11 - March 23, 1998

No Back Roads. The world is tied together with the internet. Follow the journey. Excellent!

Discover Bordeaux, France. A pleasant place to live in France. (By Aude).

Eganridge Inn and Country Club Donna Carpenter suggests this site.

Travel To Our World Suggested by Stepfan.

Southern New Mexico Online Oh how I miss New Mexico.

February 26 - March 9, 1998

Alaska's Glacier Bay Tours and Cruises. K. Chrestensen presents this site.

Brownstone Cottage Bed and Breakfast. A good place to stay in Winchester, Va.

Bucks and Spurs Guest Ranch If you are ever in Ava, Missouri try this.

New Zealand Travel Guide Everything you could ever desire to know about New Zealand.

If you have other sites to suggest please send me a E-mail message.

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1. My all time favorite is TRAVELS WITH CHARLEY by John Steinbeck. I originally paid fifteen cents for my copy. It is tattered and torn, the signs of a good book. It tells of a journey Steinbeck took in his 50s to not only discover America, but to rediscover himself. His journey included a companion, a french poddle named Charley. What a book! (click here to order).

2. ZEN AND THE ART OF MOTORCYCLE MAINTENANCE by Robert Pirsig is second on my list. While it can be a philosophical nightmare, it is also full of tiny bits of wisdom that are astonishing. He makes a journey with his son Chris and two other friends across America. This is one of those books you real several times and gain something new each time. (click here to order).

3. Third on my list is BLUE HIGHWAYS by William Least Heat Moon. I have two copies of this book. One is a hardback that I protect with my life, the other is a paperback to rip apart. Again, this was a journey by William Least Heat Moon following a difficult time in his life. His wife left him, and he lost his job. He goes to noname places across the country in discovery of himself. My favorite place that he visits is "Nameless, TN." It is only a few miles from where I went to college, and I plan every Summer to go there. Maybe this will be the year. Terrific book! BLUE HIGHWAYS(click here to order).

4. Number four is GREAT PLAINS by Ian Frazier. I give Frazier credit for teaching me how to write. It was his writing that inspired FOUR CORNERS - a literary excursion across America. Although presently out of print, it was the story of a 25,000 mile journey across the Great Plains.

My interview with the Photographer, James Crocker, who took Frazier's picture for the book is worth a read.

5. THE LADY AND THE MONK by Pico Iyer has been a pleasant companion during the last couple of years. Iyer's visit to Japan for a season is a classic. He is, in my opinion, the best travel writer writing today. He is especially good in sharing insights into how American culture influences the world. His play on words is always exciting. If you are going to Japan you especially need to read this. (click here to order).

6. DESERT SOLITAIRE by Edward Abbey still rates high on my list. Abbey is iconoclastic, bombastic, and can ruffle some feathers, but "the Thoreau of the West" gives a fighting chance to all persons who believe the world is being destroyed by commercialism. Someday, he may be considered the great prophet of this century, a voice - like Jeremiah - "crying in the wilderness."(click here to order).

7. THE HAPPY ISLES OF OCEANIA by Paul Theroux caused me a great deal of grief. Because I loved the book so much, I went to Hawaii and rented a Kayak, only to be thrusted against the shore during high waves that caused me to lose my glasses and almost my life. Anything by Paul Theroux is worth reading. His particular interest is traveling around the world on trains. (click here to order).

KINGDOM BY THE SEA is another of my favorites by Theroux. (click here to order).

Later, I will add some reviews of other favorite travel writers of mine: Cahill, Michener, Twain, Jenkins, Kuralt, Chatwin, and Bryson. Do you have travel books you like? If you do E-mail me and let me know their titles.