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October 30, 1997 forward

October 17, 1997 (Sunday) Nice Day!

It has been a beautiful fall in Tennessee. While the trees have not changed, beautiful 70 degree weather has been around for a couple of weeks. Last Friday (Oct.10) I went to Louisville, Kentucky, for the dedication of the Thomas Merton International Study Center at Bellarmine College. It was an excellent day. Met new friends and several from the visit last summer to Mobile, Alabama, for the International Thomas Merton Society meeting.

Trees were changing quite well in Kentucky. It will peak before us here.

Road Trip America is coming to Nashville in a couple of weeks. I have been in contract with Mark and Megan: We will be in the Nashville area for the Halloween weekend.

Perhaps you could render some ideas and/or assistance. In this phase of our on-going road adventure, we are the project managers for the the NicoVan, a mobile counseling center, sponsored by the American Cancer Society and Nicorette & NicoDerm CQ that provides tips on how to stop smoking as we travel around the country. The van is staffed with trained counselors who provide information and informal smoking cessation counseling.

Do you have any ideas or suggestions of places in the Nashville area that we can contact to set-up some counseling events during the period of 10/30 -11/1? In particular, we are interested in a location that would have good pedestrian traffic during the lunch hours. Downtown square, meeting area, etc.

Thanks for the help.

Mark Sedenqust

RoadTrip America

I look forward to meeting them.

October 4, 1997 (Sunday) Nice Day!

Did lots of work outside today. Clipped hedge and other such exciting work. Tommorrow is my birthday. Number 54! Tonight went out with Belvin and Barbara Cox to Kobe Steak House in Nashville. One of my favorite places to eat. Had the Terayaki Steak along with a salad, some shrimp, and topped off with Sherbert.

Not much happening here! If you are reading the travel journal what would you like to hear about? What about Four Corners, have you read any stories there? Which did you enjoy? Send notes to theThe Travel Journal via E-mail to Dan Phillips.

September 28, 1997 (Sunday) What a week!

I went to McDonough, Georgia, on Thursday (25th) to clear out my Mother's house. My brother, Ronald, came from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and we removed everything that was left and sold the house on Friday. My Mother has been in a nursing home in Franklin, Tennessee, for the past four years. We were glad to sell the house. This will remove a burden of upkeep that has been difficult handing for this time.

It rained most of the time we were there, and the traffic was horrible! At one time, I witnessed a 10 car pile up. Ugh!

Yesterday (27th), the My Trip to the Caribbean. Another good one is Petter Andersen's Travels in Turkey and Andy Davis with San Francisco Underground.

I had hoped to write more in this. I find it difficult keeping up. Maybe this week will be a little less hectic.

Send any comments about The Travel Journal via E-mail to Dan Phillips.

September 20, 1997 (Saturday) Ugh!

Nothing written this week. Ended up in Doctor's office with some problems that may take a few weeks to solve. No fun! I have spent the week studying Web Sites that Sizzle. I have been looking for tips that might improve my site. I did receive a site suggestion this week. Wayne Proctor suggested that I look at Houseswap. It might be an interesting site. Sometimes it is nice to have a somewhat boring week. Another thing is I looked at a lot of television this week which is a rarity for me. The new shows tempted me. I liked the new Nash Bridges, the new Bob Newhart show, and Gregory might have a chance. This next week is the biggie. September 13, 1997 (Saturday) Big Band

Spend part of the day reading about 20 amateur radio operators going to Heard Island, an island off the coast of Antartica. During the time they were there, January 11 - 29. 1997, they contacted over 80,000 persons. That is a big deal. I wish I could go on an expedition like that.

A couple of years ago I went to help with Hurricane Marilyn. An emergency group paid my way and all. When I got there I discovered that everything they said was a lie. They had no emergency communications on the island except for me. In the meantime I had lost my sleeping bag, several needed electronic components, and had no place to stay. It was a disaster, so I can appreciate hams going to Heard Island and succeeding. Maybe next year.

Last night Janet and I continued our 30th anniversary celebration. We drove to downtown Nashville, ate at the Merchant's Restaurant (founded in 1892), then went to the performing arts center and took in a concert by Doc Severinsen. Terrific evening. I still miss Johnny Carson. Doc said he was 70. He doesn't look it.!

September 10, 1997 (Wednesday) ANNIVERSARY

Janet and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary today. We celebrated by traveling from Franklin, Tennessee, eastward to Mt. Juliet and north on highway 109 for 8 miles to the Cherokee Steak House. It is on the Cumberland River and next door to Reba McIntyres lake side mansion. We ate steak and their speacial Peach Ice Cream. Boy, the boats were something else. Not for the faint at heart. Everyone one of the boats at the Marina were expensive. Like 100K upwards. Quite a dock. It was 46 miles from our home to the eating place.

Thirty years ago we got married in Dry Hollow, Tennessee, and ate supper in Fayetteville, Tennessee, before ending up at the Holiday Inn in Decatur, Alabama. Thirty years flies by fast. I lot of trips have been taken since then. It has been a great 30 years.

September 8, 1997 (Monday) VANDALIZED

My car was vandalized over the weekend. To make matters worse, it was in my own drive way. They also vandalized two of my neighbors vehicles on different nights.

Nothing going on the travel front. My printer has been acting terrible. Need to take it to the shop again. Last time cost over $90 bucks. Got an e-mail recommending that I check out Eurodata. e-zine. Recommended by Scott Peterson. Also, Nanette recommends Maiden Voyages. Sounds interesting! Will have to check it out.

Keep those cards and letters coming!

September 4, 1997 (Thursday) NEW MAGAZINE

I finally got around to reviewing a tape sent to me by the Freedom Africa Touring Club. Excellent scenery. Makes me want to go to Cape Town, South Africa. You bikers, this is IT!

Received a nifty e-mail today:

"this is a really great place to visit. i got my first computer aug. 17 .and have been on it since then,pretty much. i love to travel, so ive mostly been checking out south america and africa things,and anything else thatinterests me.Ive never been out of the country,except canada. i have and plan to again travel the U.S. I don't know computer talk but i have totell you that i will read this(everything you write) from beginning to end. not necessarily in that order though. This is the first place that i can honestly say that about.Spiiritual Journey -Robert Frost story-Patti's,and the animals. I'm afraid to say this is my favorite place on the web. You really made my day ! thank you.the reason i started writing this was to say that if theres any possibility at all that Uncle Alf is alive, (see my Jekyll Island story to see who Uncle Alf is) you should go visit him. he could probably use the company. If he is and you do,ask him if its ok if i would be welcome to play a game of checkers. I live in the south west corner of pa.but i love the southern states and their people.This is getting to long. BYE"

September 3, 1997 (Wednesday) NEW MAGAZINE

Got the September-October edition of National Geographic Traveler in the mail. Excellent magazine! And, it has been redesigned with stronger pictures and new fonts. I have been studying the previous edition to see the changes. It is quite an improvement. Good work Richard!

September 1, 1997 (Monday) GETTING BEHIND

After paying $321 to fix the alternator, the next day the battery completed died. The new battery was another $60 plus.

It was a busy busy week, but on Friday (August 29) we traveled to Dry Hollow, Tennessee, to visit my inlaws. Janet and I saw our new nephew, Drew, and our new niece, Madison. It was nice having some time with family. Janet's Mom cooked every meal, but it is getting tougher to eat with more and more people around the table.

Melinda, our daughter, came over for supper on Friday night. She has just entered The University of Tennessee as a student. She is in her Senior year. She was getting excited about the football game between UT and Texas Tech.

I have been enjoying today at home. I have completed an article called Traveling on the World Wide Web. It will be published by a magazine in Chile during the middle of September. At that time I will also place it on this website for everyone to read it. It covers the influence of the world wide web during the last two years on the travel industry.

I am behind doing the Web Surfer Travel Journal. Must add something and add it to my site. Need more time on it. This article has put me behind the eight ball.

August 23, 1997 (Saturday) DISASTER

Somedays are not meant for travel. Nissan Stanza 1992 tore up yesterday afternoon. Alternator went bad after a hospital visit to a dying woman. Picked it up late this afternoon. $321 down the drain. Could have used the money.

Checked out web sites of AVR gain. Nothing much happening. Nothing new on sites. They are supposed to be in Denver tonight. Tommorrow a real busy day. Leave for work at 7:30 am and don't expect being home until 8:30 pm. A very long day!

August 22, 1997 (Friday) ONLINE

I am glad Courtney and Dave (TEAMnow) finally got their site working. I have enjoyed reading their adventures. Now I can keep up with what they are doing. Greg still doesn't have anything but one day on his site. He doesn't even have the interview he did with me hi. Anyway, maybe tommorrow. Painted all day yesterday -- one of the least favorite things I do, so I have not been able to transcribe the interviews. Will get to that later. Which had you rather do: Paint or transcribe?

August 21, 1997 (Thursday) THE MOTORCYCLIST

(7:20 am CDT) - Everyone is gone. The house empty. TIme to paint a new room. The silence of the techno-nomads is disturbing. They have left their tinkling sounds among the rooms shadows.

Courtney and Dave are in St. Louis. Finally, yesterday afternoon, at 2:46 pm at the Waffle House at exit 216 in Nashville we had an opportunity to meet. The four, all clad in black cyclist suits, had fought a storm the night before and ended up in Crossville, Tennessee. It is difficult communicating at times when the groups are so scattered: Memphis, to St. Louis, to middle Tennessee. Cell phones help. So, we arranged to meet at the Waffle House.

Of course, Greg, Justin, Uta, and Paul have their ways of confusing the predictable universe we live in. For instance, they are chopping away at waffles and scambled eggs when the waitress says, "I'm sorry, this breakfast was for the other table!" A revelation! After finishing their neighbor's meal and their own, they were tanked up enough to open computer bags, turn on digital cameras, and do brief interviews for me.

The interviews were excellent. I will transcribe them in full as the days continue on. The philosophical bent was similar in tone and quality. The cyclist were more layed back, more into the wind of the journey, not beaten by deadlines because they had learned that the journey was more dependent upon the inclimable weather than anything else. 150 miles a day was a good day for them. Even stopping to eat meant necessary potection methods to keep equipment dry and safe.

If one thing has been learned so far, it is the difficulty of community even though everyone is on the same journey. Community tends to stay along the lines of the method of transportation. Cars and Vans go together better than motorcycles. Motorcycles lag behind because of the difficulties of carrying their own shell. This is, and will be, worth additional though later.

August 20, 1997 (Wednesday) ONWARD

Courtney and Dave left ll:10 am and headed toward St. Louis, Missouri. Courtney had an e-mail from Justin Greene at 3:20 am this morning saying that they were about 2 hours east of Nashville. (Crossville). There were heavy storms in the area that they were battling. In some instances, winds reported as high as 55 miles per hour were in the vicinity. Not a good time to be on a motorcycle.

I did extensive interviews with Dave and Courtney. It will take me a while to edit them and put them online. Be sure to check on this coming feature.

August 19, 1997 (Tuesday) ARRIVALS

TEAMnow, Courtney Pulitzer and Dave Brown arrived at our house in Franklin, Tennessee at 5 p.m. We cooked out grilled out hamburgers, hotdogs, and chicken. My wife Janet, and daughter Melinda, were big helps in entertaining and helping with the logistics of the journey.

Team Tesla had also been in Nashville but decided to make a side journey to Memphis to cover some of the Elvis festivities of the week. Thousands of persons were gathered in Memphis to celebrate (or mourn) the death of Elvis, dead for 20 years this week, or alive -- whichever!

Greg's Team Unitboy has disappeared. Evidently the weather, a real hindrance to the motorcycles, and some major computer problems have made it more difficult to keep up with the faster pace of the cars.

One of the major discoveries of this journey may be the difficulties of keeping as many as 11 people together in a caravan. For the most part, they have split into three groups which periodically cross checkpoints.

Although it was getting dark, Dave, Courtney, Janet and I made some brief tours of the Franklin Battlefield. Franklin was the site of "The Battle of Franklin," four hours of battle near the end of the Civil War (on November 30, 1864) called one of the bloodiest battles ever. We went to the site where General John Bell Hood oversaw the battle. Next we went to the Carter House. The Carter House still has bullets in the wall from the battle. Following the Carter House we went to Carnton. Carnton was built in 1815 and was the site where four confederate Generals lay dead on the back porch following the battle. It is also the location for the largest private confederate cemetary where 1496 soldiers are buried.

After Carnton we drove to downtown Franklin, saw the quaint stores that line the streets, and then progressed to the multi-million dollar home of country icon George Jones. Everyone coming near Nashville needs to see some of the homes of the country stars.

One of the major projects for the evening was to get some pages online from TEAMnow. Around 1 a.m. that succeeded, so at least some pages are now online related to that venture. I also did taped interviews of Courtney and Dave. In the next few days I will be running the interviews and perhaps elaborate more on some of the philosophical aspects of the journey.

August 18, 1997 (Monday) BAD WEATHER

(7:16 am CDT) - Got a note from Greg yesterday. He was caught in bad weather in Valley Forge, PA. The other group had separated and was in Gettysburg. Guess this might be a Civil War trip. If so, why don't I show them the Battle of Franklin. There was nothing quite like it. A short four hour battle called "the bloodiest in the war." Thousands and thousands killed. Maybe!

"Might not make it until Tuesday now," he says. That;s fine with me I say. See you Tuesday.

August 16, 1997 (Saturday) PREPARATION

(6:30 pm CDT) - Left at 5:50 am for Huntsville, Alabama for the Huntsville Hamfest. About 6000 hams gathered for this annual event. Got back about 2:15 p.m. Bought a couple of connectors and loaded up on new magazines.

Got home and began preparation for Monday. Janet is out now buying hamburger meat, hotdogs, and chicken. Hope for good weather Monday.

Have heard nothing from the Rally Group. I checked out their websites a moment ago and not really much information. Team Now doesn't access. The Argentinians have a bad URL and Greg only updated his yesterday morning. Only word was from Justin Greene that "it was a hoot" at the liftoff hi. Maybe something tommorrow. I am exhausted. Ready for a good nights sleep and some easy reading.

August 15, 1997 (Friday) TECHNO-TRAVEL

(6:05 am CDT) - THIS IS THE DAY! The beginning! I am sensing the speed of the journey increasing already. The number of things to do and complete multiply as Monday's rendevous gets closer. I feel like I am on the MIR, except the arrival will be of cybernauts, not astronaunts. (See I am not sure how to spell cybernaut!)

Another thing that happens now is that steam of consciousness takes over. There is not the time needed to check spelling, dates, etc. Justin Greene sent an e-mail last night mentioning all the previous missed URL's for the team, plus several misspellings. It took another hour to redo and correct my mistakes. I don't have that luxury today because I have to go and work all day. Yesterday was my day off so I was able to complete some of the project.

I must admit, I am looking forward to reading the pages from each of the teams. That will help some. I am also planning on getting my VCR ready for Monday night in hopes of doing an interview with each of the persons on the teams. Then, each day I will add one new member to interview on this site. That might be interesting.

Had to rush to the library last night to return books. I had just completed a book by Marilyn Abraham titled First We Quit Our Jobs. The best part was a quote at the end of the book by Martin Buber, which by the way certainly applies to this journey:

"Every Journey has a secret destination of which the traveler is unaware."

Bad News: - Several weeks ago Eileen Garvin at Perpetual Press wrote and said they were very interested in Four Corners - A Literary Excursion Across America. I was excited about that, since my agent had just quit because her daughter had been shot and her husband had had a massive heartattack. Last night, Eileen apologized and said, "I am sorry, but it looks like we will not be publishing any more travel books until the Fall of 1998!" I admit, I was disappointed. I had hoped this was the publisher! On television the other night I heard that Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance was turned down over a 100 times. That at least gives me hope.

Received an e-mail from Luke Wander at the Georgia Guardian in Savannah, Georgia. He wants an interview today. I guess it is on the Alley Rally. Savannah, Georgia, has been good to me. I love that city. The historical situation really excites me. That was the reason I wrote my Savannah story, The Writer and the Preacher. The writer was Flannery O'Connor, who was the preacher??? You will have to read the story to see. Anyway, I have gotten more hits on my Savannah story than any inNEW SITES list. This is what I wrote:

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil - Savannah, GA.. This is an excellent site by Max Movsovitz. Really top notch. Worth a visit. He even includes my Savannah story.

I have been writing for 20 minutes and am nowhere near complete, not including having to upload this. I have to get this done because I only have a few more minutes. Tonight I am going to eat at Mary Nicorvo's house. Several of us, 14 or so, meet regularly for food and fellowship. It began as a Saturday Night Sunday School Class (what a misnomer) and has continued monthly for several years. Anyway, Mary Nicorvo makes the best pizza in the world. But, she only makes pizza on Friday nights. So, I don't want to miss it! Tommorrow I leave at 6:20 a.m. for the Huntsville Hamfest. I have been an amateur radio operator since 1958 (N4NU), and Huntsville is my favorite hamfest. When I return (about 2), I have a party to attend and have got to get this house cleaned up for guest and buy food.


I did want to take a moment and mention some philosophical thoughts crossing my mind. In the last two years we have seen a significant beginning in a new media genre. The best name might be Technotravelers. For the first time, moving persons armed with computers, satellite uplinks, motorcycles, recreation vehicles, web browers, and hidden cameras have entered a life playground of moving communication. Immediate tie ins with the entire world is now possible. This to me is a significant change.

Historically speaking, there have been other forums from the past that are the forerunners of these technotravelers. When Ezra Pound, in Europe, kept giving poetry lessons to anyone who would come and the likes of T.S. Eliot, Robert Frost, and William Carlos Williams showed up, the whole world was changed by the communication.

More immediate and pertinent to our class is Jack Kerouac. When Kerouac (see my San Francisco Story to understand my feelings about Kerouac) and Neal Cassidy set off across the country loaded with a car and an empty highway to meet their buddies Allen Ginsberg and the other beats, a whole generation became aware of "a new communication medium."

While the Alley to Valley Ralley may seem like a lark to some, it is in many ways "The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test" of another generation. It is a redefining of communication, and the mainstay is a new way of immediacy that captures the whole world in its grasp. So stay tuned. This is the new world!

Send any comments about The Travel Journal via E-mail to Dan Phillips.

August 14, 1997 (Thursday)

One day to go until the Alley to Valley Rally begins. How did I get so caught up in this endeavor? Maybe its because I love San Francisco and wish I could vicariously go on the entire journey. Instead, I will be willing to settle for a small piece of the journey. I can do my part. Send a few e-mails. Update a web page or two. And, if plans go right, cook 20 hamburgers on the grill for this team of techno-nomads and provide some form of lodging .

Travel is a maddening thing. I got involved in this trip because I wrote a story a few years back called The Hermit of the Essex Coast. It was about Jekyll Island, Georgia, and included a portion about the deafness of Joseph Pulitzer and how he hated J.P. Morgan's grand entrances to the Island each winter.

Courtney Pulitzer, while doing research on her relative, Joseph Pulitzer, wrote and commented on the story. Now she is a cybernaut who told me about the Rally and requested I mention something of it in the Web Surfer Travel Journal. When I saw they were coming through Nashville, I thought, "Wouldn't it be neat to cover the trip for the old WSTJ." I look forward to meeting Courtney on Monday night. So, that's how things get started.

I have spent considerable time checking Greg Elin out. He did this same journey a couple of years ago. Bruce Murray and his Travel Assist Magazine did an excellent interview with Greg. Total New York, the ones he did this for originally, have taken the previous site off of the web. Too bad! I would have enjoyed reading it.

I heard from Greg yesterday. He wrote:

Dan! How are you? Still ready for us come Monday? How much room do you have? Wendy Dubit from HUB Heaven -- a new area on The HUB (AOL Keyword: Hub) that encourages volunteerism and uses the power of online computing as a force for positive change -- wants to hook us with Tie Nashville Together. They are an organization building ties between different religious groups in Nashville. We might meet up with them in the afternoon.

Anyway, I'm trying to pin down last minute details. How are things looking down there? Hope to hear from you soon...


His question of "how much room do you have?" plays an important point in the story. Basically counting I have room for 8, maybe 9 if I really push it. How many are on this journey anyway? How many people will he pick up along the way? Those become important questions in this endeavor!!!

Send any comments about The Travel Journal via E-mail to Dan Phillips.


July 28-30, 1997 (Eureka Springs, Arkansas)

Janet and I just got back from a trip to Eureka Springs and Hot Springs, Arkansas. One of the highlights was (accidentally?) meeting the Graham Family (Marlene, Craig, Cortney, and Collier). They had just completed their year long venture to all 50 states. They had been given the key to Eureka Springs and were guest of honor of the mayor. We journeyed together in a golf cart to the Basin Park Hotel and even stayed on the same floor. We had much in common and enjoyed seeing them off and on for three days. Be sure to check out their ROADTRIP USA Site.

April 3-10, 1997 (Natchez Trace, Tennessee)

A journey with cybernaut Bill Schwab down the Natchez Trace.

Send any comments about The Travel Journal via E-mail to Dan Phillips.

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